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Virtual Data Room ShareFile – Review 2022

The virtual data room is an online storehouse for critical documents with the help of one point of view. Today, this digital solution is widely used in all business spheres to automate and simplify deal management. This article is a comprehensive review of the virtual data room ShareFile.

SfareFile data room: maintain your business deals securely

Today, market participants are realizing that they need to manage risks in their activities. The requirement of “transparency” in dealings with partners is already a standard. Thus, these companies implement virtual data rooms (VDRs) into their daily activity as a secure background for organizing business deals. One of such services is ShareFile from Citrix.

SecureFile is one of the leading VDR vendors in the market. The software currently offers all common and practical functions such as drag & drop, advanced search, versioning of documents, undo options, etc. Moreover, the data room provider never requires any special technical devices to install and run the solution. It is easily accessible to any member who needs to complete a run or transaction.

By using SecureFile VDR, companies increase efficiency and optimize processes significantly. Businesses get a secure option to shuffle and of course share all copyright information. In addition to these efficiency gains, you can also save time and money.

The archiving function of ShareFile VDR

The new archiving function of Citrix ShareFile supports financial service providers in adhering to compliance guidelines. This enables financial service providers to comply with SEC and FINRA regulations and avoid hefty fines for non-compliance. In this way, Citrix supports companies in complying with data archiving regulations. This enables financial service providers to comply with SEC and FINRA regulations and avoid hefty fines for non-compliance. In the past year, the use of ShareFile in the financial services sector has doubled as more companies use ShareFile to securely and easily store and share large files. With the latest innovations at ShareFile, Citrix can now address this market even better.

Registered investment advisers and broker-dealers are required by archiving policies to archive their correspondence with clients. They often use collaboration and file-sharing services on the one hand and a separate, rule-compliant system for filing their documents on the other. ShareFile bundles all of these aspects into a single, easy-to-use solution.

What about ShareFile analytics?

ShareFile is a set of technological and organizational solutions with which the company collects, processes, and stores all data about service customers and interactions with them. They are an effective tool for working on projects, as they allow you to trace the history of the relationship between the client and the company, analyze the wishes of customers, support information with analytical data, and significantly speed up the team. And all this in order not only to attract customers, but also to offer them exactly what is needed now, and keep for further cooperation.

ShareFile offers enhanced information security, a customizable interface, customer service, and collaboration options. With ShareFile and its mobile app, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Access to files and folders located in the ShareFile storage.
  • Editing files.
  • Download files from storage to your mobile device for offline access.
  • Upload files and folders to your ShareFile account directly from your device.
  • Sharing and syncing multiple files with multiple users.
  • Granting access permissions to files and folders for individual users.
  • Remote destruction or blocking of the account in case of loss or theft of the device.
  • Integration of third-party services and eSignature.